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About Us


Pause. Take a breath. And reflect.

This is your moment. Soak in nature and feel its freshness. The warm blanket of the sun, the pleasant cool breeze, the light misty drizzle - experience the many moods of nature in the comfort of your outfits.

Your true colours come in shades of muted pastels and earthy hues, and it's time to embrace them.

Your style should be like you - made from unconventionally cut cloth. This is the fabric of your being, the breathable, adaptable, soft yet firm nature of the meticulously interwoven threads held together.

This is craft at its finest. For beauty that lies in the details. Made of sustainable material that's not a baggage for nature. Eco-conscious for the fashion-conscious.

This is fashion for the ones who stay true to who they are - the modern, forward-thinking women of class and substance.

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